Liberty Hospice Celebrates Elizabethtown Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center’s Stellar 2023 Achievements with Special Luncheon –

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In a heartfelt gesture of recognition and appreciation, Liberty Hospice recently honored the team at Elizabethtown Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center for their remarkable achievements throughout the year 2023. To celebrate the center’s success, Liberty Hospice hosted a special lunch, acknowledging the hard work, dedication, and commitment of the entire Elizabethtown Healthcare team.

Elizabethtown Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center continues to offer excellence in healthcare, setting high standards for care and operational performance. Their commitment to excellence has not gone unnoticed, as evidenced by the numerous prestigious awards they received in 2023. 

The 2023 accolades include the Pillar of Excellence Award, Liberty All-Star Award, CMS Five-Star Recognition, and the coveted Deficiency Free State Survey Recipient. Moreover, the center was lauded for Exceptional Operational Performance and achieved significant recognition for Achievement in Overall Google Review Rating.

Such awards are a testament to the Elizabethtown Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center’s unwavering commitment to providing top-notch care and services. The Pillar of Excellence Award underscores the center’s foundational strength in healthcare services, while the Liberty All-Star Award celebrates the exceptional teamwork and dedication of its staff. The CMS Five-Star Recognition is particularly noteworthy, highlighting the center’s commitment to quality and excellence in care.

Being named a Deficiency Free State Survey Recipient signifies the center’s adherence to the highest standards of healthcare practices and regulations. The Exceptional Operational Performance award further solidifies Elizabethtown Healthcare’s reputation for operational excellence. Lastly, the Achievement in Overall Google Review Rating reflects the positive impact of their services on the community and the satisfaction of those they serve.

The special luncheon hosted by Liberty Hospice provided a moment of celebration and reflection for the team at Elizabethtown Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center. It was an opportunity to acknowledge their hard-earned success and to look forward to continuing their mission of excellence in healthcare.

As we extend our congratulations to Elizabethtown, it’s clear that their achievements are an inspiration for healthcare providers everywhere. The dedication, compassion, and excellence demonstrated by the Elizabethtown team are what set them apart, making them truly deserving of this recognition.

Elizabethtown Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center is located at 208 Mercer Mill Road in Elizabethtown, NC

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