Finding the Right Application for AI at Guidewell DCMG

Before Guidewell DCMG implemented the Prisma AI service from eClinicalWorks, intake on a patient could take two days when the office was busy.

Why this long? Guidewell operates in Florida and many patients come from out-of-state and their records are scattered among various HIEs and other healthcare organizations. Obtaining the records, reading them, and entering summaries into Guidewell’s own EHR was labor-intensive.

Prisma AI and the Sunoh AI Medical Scribe have dramatically altered the patient visit for patient and physician alike. Prisma AI creates a summary of patient records focused on the specialty of the physician: “the good parts,” according to Lalith Samaraweera, Director of Clinical Informatics & Business Intelligence at Guidewell.

In addition to this, Samaraweera comments on the value they see from Sunoh AI generating clinical notes. Because Guidewell also operates in Puerto Rico, Sunoh AI’s ability to interpret many Spanish dialects is also of great value.

Samaraweera says that these eClinicalWorks modules were the first add-ons that were popular among Guidewell’s physicians. He advises innovators who want to add AI to medical practices to investigate carefully where AI can help their practice and to focus on promoting the improvements it is supposed to make. You must trust the data that trains the AI, and ensure that it can integrate into your systems.

He says that the costs of AI are low, so trying it is well worthwhile. Watch the video for details.

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