DKSH Healthcare Launches Preventive Ear Care Solution in Australian

DKSH’s Business Unit Healthcare, a market expansion services provider committed to fostering growth in the healthcare sector, announced the launch of Ear Pro by Audisol to the Australian market.

Ear Pro by Audisol is a preventive ear care solution designed to help avoid issues related to water being trapped in the ear canal.

Swimmer’s ear, also known as otitis externa, which is an infection of the outer ear canal often accompanied by significant discomfort and pain, is most commonly caused by water becoming trapped in the ear, leading to ear pain, itching, and inflammation.

Through its preventive solution, Ear Pro by Audisol aims to eradicate swimmer’s ear. This painful condition will become a less pervasive issue thanks to DKSH’s commitment to promote ear health. The introduction of Ear Pro by Audisol to the Australian market underlines the company’s dedication to enrich the lives of individuals by prioritising their ear care requirements.

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Originally developed by divers, Ear Pro by Audisol is an ear spray for swimmers, water sport enthusiasts or regular beachgoers, to be applied before entering the water. It is designed to transform our interaction with water by employing a wholly natural formula that establishes a waterproof barrier within the ear canal, thus preventing water from becoming trapped in the ears.

“We are thrilled to introduce Ear Pro by Audisol products to the Australian market,” said Craig Moore, vice president ANZ at DKSH. “We recognize the importance of prevention in ear care, and Ear Pro’s solution aligns with our mission to provide products that enhance people’s lives.”

The availability of Ear Pro by Audisol products in Australia underscores DKSH’s commitment to meeting the growing demand for reducing doctor visits associated with water-related ear issues, including swimmer’s ear, the company says.

“Until now there was a universal acceptance of swimmer’s ear as a side-effect of water-based activities,” says Tradian Maier, founder and CEO of Liquid Pro, manufacturer of Ear Pro products. “We have initially developed this formula to solve our own issues with swimmer’s ear while diving but we have quickly realised that this problem generates millions of doctor visits all over the world. With the help of DKSH, we believe, we can raise awareness of this revolutionary approach and help everyone to reduce the number of doctor visits that also create a significant burden on healthcare systems all over the world. I mean, why settle for a cure when prevention is possible.”

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