A Low-Code Application Platform Purpose-Built for Payer Needs

AURORA, Ill., February 15, 2024–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Simplify Healthcare, a leading enterprise Payer software company, today announced the launch of their new Enterprise Digital Innovation Platform — Simplify App Fabric™ — Purpose-built for Payers and forged from their tried and tested platform — Simplify Health Cloud™. Simplify App Fabric™ accelerates application development time, reduces costs, and increases collaboration between IT and non-IT stakeholders while maintaining data security and compliance through low-code application development.

Simplify App Fabric™ will:

  • Enable easy application development for any business needs through low-code

  • Enable cross-functional collaboration to track business processes across multiple teams seamlessly

  • Automate API updates for seamless integrations into external systems

  • Generate documents in various formats by combining data and content with templates and rules

  • Ensure that an audit trail of user actions exists, automatically capturing changes to application data

Reflecting on the occasion, Mohammed Vaid, CEO and Chief Solution Architect, Simplify Healthcare said, “In today’s competitive Healthcare Payer industry, speed and efficiency are paramount to being a market leader. Simplify App Fabric™ is a configurable, low-code application development platform that bridges the gap between business needs and technical expertise, enabling rapid, secure application development that can be deployed in a zero-friction manner within a Payer’s existing ecosystem.”

“Healthcare Payers today face disruptions from multiple avenues — digital start-ups, technology companies, and organizations outside their industry. They need to be agile to retain their market share and have a first-movers advantage,” stated Vinay Nadig, Chief Strategy Officer and GM — Simplify App Fabric™, Simplify Healthcare. He added, “By simplifying application development, Simplify App Fabric™ empowers teams to develop critical solutions faster and optimize costs significantly. This translates to unprecedented responsiveness, improved efficiency, and a competitive edge.”

About Simplify Healthcare

Simplify Healthcare powers connected benefits and provider journeys for Payers through a scalable, enterprise-grade, secure, compliant, and configurable cloud based software platform — Simplify Health Cloud™. Packaged on the Simplify Health Cloud™ — Benefits1™, Provider1™, Service1™, Claims1™, and Experience1™ provide Payers with discrete and precise solutions to complex problems and opportunities in delivering a rich set of products, benefits, and provider data.

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